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Knutsford Scouts

Welcome to Knutsford District Scouts

In Knutsford we have a thriving community of Scout Groups who work tirelessly to provide adventure, friendship and fun for the young people. Also challenging them and helping to achieve their full potential.

We provide a wide range of activities including Hiking, pioneering, camping, football, quizzes, hammock camp’s and many more..!

Celebrating 100 years of Cub Scouts in 2016

In 2016 we will commemorate one hundred years of the Cub Scout section with local and national celebrations.

In 1916, the section we know as Cub Scouts was formed (it was originally called Wolf Cubs).Within twelve months, 30,000 young people had joined. Today, Cub Scouts has grown to over 150,000 members who enjoy fun and adventure, activities and nights away, making friends and trying new things. The official birthday is on 16 December but Cubs 100 will be celebrated throughout 2016.

The Promise Party: a national celebration that will include a Promise renewal, to be held on 16 December 2016 at 7.16pm (19:16) to commemorate the official registration date of the Cub Scout section.

To find out more information on what your Cub group is doing for the promise party speak to your leaders.


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